★★★★ !

"Two choirs in perfect harmony"
"Gorgeous recording"

FROOTS 1/2015:
"Very good half-Finnish, half-Bulgarian female vocal octet with excellent, varied arrangements of strong material, from both traditions and new compositions, none of it the usual stuff."

"Listening to Finno:Balkan voices - stunning Finnish Bulgarian singing traditions joined together. Like nothing Ive heard before. Amazing." Bruce MacGregor / BBC TravellingFolk. Via Twitter: @BlazinBruce 8.1.2015.
Finno-Balkan Voices' album was released at the Etnosoi! -festival on 8th of November, 2014. The album has been played in several radio shows in Europe, United States and Japan. More about radio shows: https://www.facebook.com/FinnoBalkanVoices

Record label: Finnish Folk Music Institute
Distribution: Playground Music www.playgroundmusic.com
You can buy the album from here :