Getting started

Finally, finally...!!! Tomorrow we'll start reheasals for Finno-Balkan Voices' first album!

We have seen last time over two years ago when we had tournee in Finland. After that has happened SO many things and lots of hours has been used to make recordings possible. Applying grants & finding sponsors and finding suitable time (one is pregnant, they have wedding, other is pregnant, oh, she's also pregnant, they move to another country and oh, she's pregnant again!). And also we had not so happy moments when one singer got seriously ill and we had to finally find a new singer.

Little by little it started to seem Finno-Balkan Voices' album is getting possible. Thank you Finnish Art Council, Kalevala Koru Cultural Foundation, Ivan Totev (Mayor of Plovdiv) and Bulgarian Embassy in Finland! And biggest thank you for all singers for making all efforts!

I'm looking forward to sing together & meet my friends, work together with artistic producer Prof. Dora Hristova and album recorder Marko Myöhänen. And mostly enjoy the sweet mix of Finnish-Bulgarian chaos/order. 

Emmi Kujanpää