Singing and surprise

Vaya came to Helsinki last night and now all group is here after big adventures! It was emotional to meet when two years has passed by. We practise in Music House's 7th floor in Sibelius Academy Folk Music Departement. It's wonderful we got an oppoturnity to practise there and Folk Music Departement is sponsoring our studio next week, so we say BIG thanks for them!

Second day was very intense. We started with old Bulgarian songs we already know, turned into Finnish songs and then practised new arrangement of tradional Bulgarian song Snohsti e Dobra, arranged by young talent Gantcho Gavasov from Plovdiv. Also we met woman with good heart (as Iliana described her later), producer Aino Roivainen, who after few phone calls and emails got Kalevala Koru http://www.kalevalakoru.fi/  be our sponsor on coming weekend when we'll take our promotional photos. So early tomorrow morning we'll go to Kalevala Koru in Pitäjänmäki!